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your questions answered

Replies to some of the questions people most often ask about John, covering:


Signing autographs or posing for photos after shows: We are sorry that this is not possible. John has to maintain his health so that he doesn't disappoint audiences by having to take time off due to illness. Unfortunately, standing outside for long periods after a strenuous stage performance, especially in bad weather, can result in him becoming ill. In addition, he and his crew have to drive to the next venue, which may be many hours away. He hates to disappoint his fans, and while you may not have the opportunity to meet him at the stage door afterwards, he will always do his best to make sure you enjoy the show!

Personal greetings at concerts or shows: John's concerts are very carefully planned so that each song flows to the next via a personal story so, although he receives a huge number of requests for shout-outs, he couldn't include these without disrupting the show.

Backstage Passes: Backstage passes are not provided for John's concerts or other shows and he cannot arrange to meet fans before or after shows.

Concerts outside the UK: John is hoping at some point in the future to arrange concerts in the US and Canada, but at the moment, nothing is confirmed.


Requests for donations or to attend charity events

There are many worthy causes in the world but unfortunately John simply does not have the time or resources to respond to the huge number of requests for donations, appearances or support that he receives. He personally donates his time and effort to supporting the following charities:

  • Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY)
  • Down's Syndrome Scotland
  • Dogs Trust
  • Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
  • New Forest Nightstop
  • Stonewall
  • The Make A Difference Trust
  • Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice


Gifts for John

John appreciates the thought behind cards and gifts from fans, but he would much prefer that you donate to a charity in his name. Even the money you might have spent on a card can make a difference to a charity.You are also welcome to write to John and tell him what you've done so he knows you care.

John's chosen charities (see above) are always delighted to receive donations from fans around the world.

See how to donate to John's charities in his name


Being gay - requests for advice

If you want to talk to someone about being gay, lesbian or bi-sexual, Stonewall (a UK charity) can give you advice. If you are in the UK you can contact them on their helpline (0800 050 2020) or via their website: In the US, The Trevor Project provides help and support for young LGBTQ people in crisis. Call the Trevor Lifeline (1-866-488-7386) or contact them via their website: Resource sites can also point you towards advice, for example: