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BONE QUILL - US Press Release


US Cover of Bone Quill


From Aladdin Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster)

John Barrowman (Arrow, Sing Your Face Off, Doctor Who, Torchwood) and Carole Barrowman (professor, journalist and John’s big sister) pen fresh imaginative children's series.

Imagination can be a dangerous thing

What happens when siblings Matt and Em Calder discover they have the ability to bring their art to life and imagine themselves in and out of paintings? Hollow Earth may be breached and all the beasts ever imagined will be let loose in the world.

Bone Quill is the latest collaboration from brother and sister duo John and Carole Barrowman, the second in the Barrowmans' Hollow Earth trilogy for middle grade readers (any reader drawn to the power of art), and their fifth book together.

Bone Quill continues the Calder twins' adventures as they discover they are part of an ancient order of artists Animare) and their protectors (Guardians) and that their powers may hold the key to unleashing the beasts of Hollow Earth. Set in the enchanted landscape of the Western Isles of Scotland, this thrilling and original action/adventure story will grip readers of all ages.