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This section of the website contains articles about John's personal life and his charity-related work, as well as photo galleries from his personal and professional life.

Join John on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Unlocked to follow his adventures! John's team also post news updates on Twitter and FB. John's posts are signed 'JB'. He also has Tumblr, Spotify and YouTube channels.

John occasionally replies to comments on Twitter and Facebook and he also video-chats with fans via Unlocked. He does not DM fans, so if you do receive a DM on any social media site from someone purporting to be John, please email with the message you received and a link to the page that has contacted you so that we can report the fake account.


Official Barrowman News Mailing List

John's social media can be busy so if you don't want to miss an announcement join this no-reply list emailing you the latest news about John's appearances and occasional exclusive competitions. To ask questions and to talk about John, join the Talk list too (see next section).


Official Barrowman Talk List

Discuss John and his work with other fans, and ask his web team questions. You may like to join the News list too (see previous section) as the Talk list doesn't carry announcements.

Please read the privacy policy relating to these groups before joining: