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enquiries and
convention requests

Please send professional enquiries for John to:

Convention requests should be sent to:

General enquiries

Please send general enquiries that are not professional or convention requests to:

John really appreciates the amazing support of all his fans and loves hearing from everyone, but cannot reply personally due to the huge amount of messages he receives. All emails are saved for him to read and the web team will reply on John's behalf so you know that your message has been received. We'll also answer any queries where we can.

Concert Tour
dedications and
meetings with John

John is thrilled to be touring with his Laid Bare shows in October and November 2024. The show format is carefully planned and there isn't the opportunity for "shout-outs" for birthdays or other occasions.

Each concert offers a VIP add-on ticket, a meet-and-greet and photo op with John after the show. John will not be doing autographs at these events.

Requests for
autographs and
personal messages,
inc video messages

John isn't currently able to accept requests for autographs and signed photos. If you'd like a personal video message from John for yourself or for someone else, John is now on Cameo and you can request a message through that platform. Full details at:

You can send messages to:

Social media

John has official accounts on various social media platforms:

A reminder about private messages from John. They're not John! There are currently many fake Facebook, Instagram and other accounts pretending to be John. If someone in online chats tells you they are John, they are lying to you and are scammers who will try to persuade you to send them money or gift cards. John does occasionally reply at random to some of posts from his fans but does not do private chats.

If you have concerns about accounts and profiles you think are impersonating John on these platforms, please contact us with the details at:


Many fans have given John gifts over the years, and although he appreciates people's thoughtfulness, he's running out of space to keep them! Rather than buying him a gift, he would ask fans to support one of his chosen charities.

All donations, large or small, will help these wonderful organisations.