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Animals At Work

John with bush baby

26 January 2009 to 16 February 2009
8 June 2009 to 29 June 2009
22 July 2010 to 7 October 2010
9 June 2011to 11 August 2011

John presents this fun series aimed at the younger audience, introducing animals around the world who work for a living.

In the UK, we meet puppy performer Tinkers as he makes his debut as a magician's assistant. Tinker, a two-year-old Maltese terrier, has been in training for months, but how will her first performance go?

In Namibia, a Jack Russell terrier works as a foster mother for orphaned wild cats. There's a charity ferret race in the UK, and a champion husky guides his team and blind fifteen-year-old mistress in a 500-mile, twelve-day sled race.

John says hello to a snake