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Keys to the castle

John presenting Keys to the Castle


In 2006, John hosted a special documentary, Keys To The Castle, for the American cable network, HGTV. Filmed in various parts of the UK, John visited castles, manor houses and stately homes which were still inhabited by their owners.

Excerpt from the HGTV website: "What's a 21st-century castle-owner to do? The royal roof raised in the 1400s hasn't been repaired since the 1800s, plus it's leaking. Two ghosts romp at midnight, and heating 100 rooms is no walk in the park. Sounds romantic, but what is it like to live in a castle? American host (their wording not ours) John Barrowman tours four castles from Dorset to Suffolk to Scotland and discovers what everyday life is like behind those towers. Modern living in a medieval dwelling definitely has more ups and downs than just a drawbridge."

John followed this up in 2008 with a second series, visiting France to explore four chateaux in Normandy and the Loire Valley.

In France, John and his manager, Gavin, were the guests of the Freeland family and had a wonderful time making new friends. John was also happy to get to know the canine members of the household!

John with canine member of the Freeland family


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