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the making of me

John in The Making Of Me

BBC1 Documentary
24 July 2008

In this series, three celebrities went on a mission to discover the source of their defining trait, talent or characteristic. With the help of scientific testing, the latest psychological techniques, brain science and genetics, they attempted to answer a question that affects everyone – how do nature and nurture shape us?

In the first programme, John challenged scientists to explain why he is gay. For as long as he has been aware of his sexuality, John has been convinced that he was born gay and firmly believes that homosexuality is not a choice. He put himself through the mill for the programme, among other things conquering his claustrophobia to have a brain scan and subjecting himself to testing of his reaction to sexual stimuli.

As well as picking up clues from psychologists and scientists, John had the opportunity to meet celebrities and extraordinary people who talked about their experiences of dealing with their own sexuality.

Although not reaching any firm conclusions, the programme covered a wealth of fascinating issues.

John said of the programme, "On a daily basis I get letters from young men and women who are feeling the brunt of our culture's homophobia. If exploring this issue can bring comfort to some of these young people, then I think the programme will have done a really wonderful thing. "

John continues to receive letters from around the world, from people who have been touched by the issues raised in The Making of Me.