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31 May-14 June 2014

John hosting Sing Your Face Off

John hosted ABC's celebrity competition, Sing Your Face Off, which featured five celebrities emulating iconic musicians and singing their songs. Produced by Endemol, the show was based on a Spanish format called Your Face Sounds Familiar, which has been produced in a number of countries, including the UK.

Debbie Gibson and former Saturday Night Live cast member Darrell Hammond judged the contestants with the help of a guest judge each week. The guest judges included RuPaul, Carmen Electra and Richard Simmons.


The five contestants were daytime soap star Lisa Rinna, actor and ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, comedian Jon Lovitz, Disney actress China Anne McClain and NBA player Landry Fields.

The show saw Lisa Rinna perform as Dolly Parton and Justin Bieber, while John Lovitz became Elton John and Roy Orbison. Sebastian Bach out-Gaga-ed Lady Gaga and Landry Fields shook his booty as Nicki Minaj. In the final episode, China Anne McClain was crowned the winner for her spectacular performances as Michael Jackson and Witney Houston.

Sing Your Face Off aired on ABC at primetime on Saturdays from 31 May 2014.

Photos courtesy of Endemol

John lifts winner China Anne McClain

John lifts winner China Anne McClain