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John with members of the Titans cast

NBC, Los Angeles
4 October 2000 to 4 April 2001

In October 2000, NBC television launched a new prime-time soap opera by Aaron Spelling, the king of the soaps, being the brains behind shows such as 90210 and Dynasty.

It was hoped that Titans would be the latest in his string of hits, but the show did not attract the anticpated ratings and NBC only aired 11 of the 12 episodes filmed.

The show, starring Victoria Principal and Yasmin Bleeth, focussed on the lives, loves, lies and deceptions of the Williams family, and their business empire.

John played the younger son, Peter Williams, a delicious soap opera villian, who was rarely seen without a martini in hand as he plotted his next underhand scheme.

John said at the time:

"I've only played goody-two-shoes. I'm so ready to be a bad guy!"