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CARDIFF DOGS HOME - John adopts captain jack

28 FEBRUARY 2008: by Abby Alford, South Wales Echo

It is a tale of love that could have been penned by Torchwood writer Russell T Davies himself, but this romance is not a work of fiction.

For when TV star John Barrowman visited Cardiff Dogs Home to open a new kennel block, the harsh reality of one dog’s situation melted his heart.

Dog-lover Barrowman, better known to fans of the BBC Two show as Captain Jack, said: “During my visit, I fell in love with a 12-week-old Jack Russell terrier who was recently abandoned in an empty flat in Cardiff. I have now adopted the little fella, ‘Captain Jack’, as part of our family.”

He added: “I was pleased to be invited to Cardiff Dogs Home to support all the good work that it does for abandoned and stray dogs. As a dog owner and patron of the Dogs Trust myself, I know how important it is to pass on the message of responsible dog ownership to all dog owners.”

Cardiff council’s deputy leader Judith Woodman said: “The new kennels were made possible by donations from two kind benefactors who bequeathed money to the dogs home last year.

“Around 1,300 abandoned and stray dogs pass through Cardiff Dogs Home each year. The new kennels will be used to house bigger dogs and for nursing mothers with pups. The donations have also helped to pay for the refurbishment of a vets’ room.”

John and CJ