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colours of pride

Waiting for the parade to begin

30 JUNE 2007: In a week when the Bishop of Carlisle claimed the continuing rain and floods were God's judgment on our permissive society (and our gay rights legislation), the crowds and guests at London Pride, both gay and straight, proved that despite the misunderstandings still evident in our world, a great many people are willing to accept and even to celebrate difference.

John was a guest, and host, of Pride. The constant rain dulled neither his exuberance, the mood of the crowd nor the colours of Pride. And was there to record the event!

Below you can see the winning photos from our Pride Photo contest.

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Pride Photo Contest Winner

John is stolen by the Kings Cross Steelers Rugby Team

John is stolen by the Kings Cross Steelers Rugby Club
Photo: Richard Jones


Pride Photo Contest Runners-up

Photo: Vera

Photo: Holly

Who's No 16?

Photo: Ruth