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John's a Mark Foster Fan!

October 3, 2008

Strictly Come Dancing is on Saturday evening on BBC1. This week's show starts at 18:45.

How to vote

Hi everybody. John here. I have a big favour to ask you all. My friend Mark Foster needs your votes on Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday night (4 October). He is dancing the tango, and Gavin and I went into help him out at rehearsals today (see the photos!). This dancing is all new to him, and he's having to work real hard and learn very fast. This week is crucial, as it's just boys only, so he needs your votes as much as possible. And if he gets to stay in, I'm hoping to be on the show to give him an acting workshop very soon - maybe like the one I gave the Marias! We have plans to work together on TV in the future as well. So please pick up your phone this Saturday, and keep voting for Mark.

Thanks so much, and hopefully see you in the next few weeks at Cheltenham and The Hub in Northampton. And there'll be plenty more things before Christmas.

John x


Mark Foster and John during rehearsals for Strictly Come Dancing

Torchwood - John Barrowman Official Site
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torchwood: Miracle day

BBC Wales/BBC Worldwide/Starz Entertainment

The fourth series of Torchwood, Torchwood: Miracle Day, is a co-production between the BBC and the US Starz Network. Filming took place in the US and UK from January 2011, for broadcast on the Starz network in the US and on BBC1 from July 2011.

Torchwood at San Diego Comic Con 2011

John was joined by Eve Myles, Bill Pullman, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins and writer Jane Espenson for a standing-room-only Q&A at San Diego Comic Con on 22 July 2011. John also introduced the other members of the cast at a screening of Episode 3 of Miracle Day on 21 July and represented Torchwood at a special "Supernaturals" panel on 23 July hosted by TV Guide.

Video clips of part of the Torchwood panel and interviews with John and Eve are below.

First episode broadcast dates

  • US: Starz - 8 July 2011
  • Australia: UKTV - 9 July 2011
  • Canada: Space - 9 July 2011
  • UK: BBC1 - 14 July 2011